You’re Not Getting Enough From IT Reports

meetingThe latest government reviews have done little to nothing to affect the over-budget and delayed IT projects. There has been zero proof released that verifies the $4 billion the White House claims to have saved the government. 

“Until OMB obtains and shares information on the methods used to validate reported results, it will be difficult for the results to be independently validated and for OMB to provide assurance to Congress and the public that TechStats are achieving their intended impact,” says the Government Accountability Office.

TechStat sessions were put into implementation by Vivuk Kundra past federal CIO. The GAO supports the use of the TechStats on projects that are in limbo and not receiving the attention they need to deliver or be completed.  The report showed that the Office of Management and Budget has used TechStats on less than 20% of all government at risk projects. For more information read the complete NextGov article.

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