U.S. Food Waste Challenge Aims to Enlist Supply Chain

The US Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency have teamed up to create the US Food Waste Challenge, which Tom Karst writes about for The Packer. The challenge will enlist producer groups, processors, manufacturers, retailers, communities, and other government agencies to “reduce food waste and loss, recover food for consumption and recycle discarded food for other uses including animal feed, composting and energy generation.” Companies who want to participate need to list what it is they will do to fulfill one of the aforementioned criteria. Reportedly 133 billion tons of food went uneaten in the US in 2010, which is a number the government intends to butcher. Although people can do what they can at home in order to stop wasting food, collaboration across supply chains finding ways to simplify and improve their processes is how food waste will ultimately be reduced in a big and celebratory way.

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