The Keys to Supply Chain Management

Often overlooked in the process of developing good supply chain management is the role of indirect taxes on operations. Harishanker Subramaniam writes an article about effectively managing cross-border and country taxes. He says that although most people see indirect tax as a pass-through tax, this is not actually the case. Even though these taxes affect the business whether or not a profit is being made, leaders are often negligent in their handling of them. Subramaniam offers a list of solutions, including having an indirect tax expert present for the right inputs, staying connected to the business, becoming proactively involved in the planning stage of business to ensure tax is properly managed, applying lessons learned, maximizing internal and external resources, and communicating across the legislation. Get all the facts about uncertain tax positions when making decisions. Better management of these nebulous taxes could help to improve your bottom line more than you might have expected.

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