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The Importance of Implementing Effective Metrics

metricsMetrics are an important tool in the IT world, that allow your departments and employees devote their skills to what is most important. The focus of your company is illuminated through the use of metrics which allows for greater focus on your organizations goals.

Simplicity is the key to benefiting from metrics. “Defining a metric is similar to telling a joke – if you have to spend too much time explaining it then it will not work.” Communication is important in conveying the goal of metrics to your employees, and clear goals are often overlooked regarding metrics.

Below are 5 steps in implementing effective metrics:

  1. Define the metrics
  2. Secure buy-in from senior management and employees
  3. Understand what data is needed and how to collect it
  4. Measure and share the results
  5. Do not forget the “continual” part of improvement

Take a look at the original article on iSixSigma for greater explanation of these points.

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