Project Management

Strategies to Pump Up Project Management Skills

Jennifer Morris writes in a blog about strategies to get your project management muscles bulging. As always, good communication is first and foremost a practice that must always be adhered. Be as specific as possible in your wording and provide updates to team members and stakeholders often. Schedule meetings and stand by that schedule once it has been made, using tools such as Microsoft Outlook to keep everything in order for everyone. Put emphasis into the planning phase so that you do not jump ahead. And importantly, hold an internal kickoff meeting to place all the pieces of the project in perspective:

This can be taken care of easily if you know the right questions to ask your client and you have a clear vision of who the client is and what their needs are. An internal meeting is also a great way to brainstorm possible ideas, concepts and budget your time with your team. A kickoff meeting doesn’t need to be a long drawn out talking session. You don’t have to address every issue that could come up right there. Keep this meeting brief and to the point. Your client might have all of the time in the world to talk about how great they are, but time is money and you and your team have to get to work.</em>

Combine the tips outlined by Morris here to see if you can create a project team powerhouse.

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