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Project Management – Get SET for Project Control

Most of the time project managers don’t just manage one project at a time. There are all sorts of channels and resources that are being kept track of. But is control always a good thing?

“If you do not control your project resources, another project will utilize them. If you do not control your project schedule, a delayed task will impact your overall timeline. If you do not control your project budget, your stakeholders will attempt a cost overrun. Project control is therefore, in such context, a crucial element of your project’s destiny which keeps it on-track, on-time and within budget.

But how much control is enough? Too much control is time-consuming; too little control runs project risks. To curb this dilemma, consider applying the 3 key controls for your next project – Stakeholders, Expectations and Team (SET).”

Inclusion of the stakeholder is important, even when a new project fits within the stakeholders guidelines, allowing them to know what is going on protects you from potential backlash. You are the communication between your team and the companies stakeholder, so you are an ambassador for their expectations. Finally keeping your team on task and up to date is what will bring about successful projects.

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