Risk Management

Hurricane Preparedness Best Practices for IT and the Business

twisterHomeowners stand to lose not just their homes but also irreplaceable personal possessions when hurricanes hit. Businesses stand to lose exponentially more money and real estate when catastrophes hit, except they have the unique ability of being able to back up and protect their assets. A slideshow at IT Business Edge outlines ten ways for businesses to manage the risks of severe weather:

  1. Plan to communicate with employees.
  2. Think in stages.
  3. Make sure that roofs and other openings are up to par.
  4. Understand the Emergency Alert system.
  5. Prepare for payroll continuity.
  6. Communicate with the supply chain.
  7. Plan for the worst.
  8. Back up critical data off site.
  9. Money watch.
  10. Continually update disaster recovery and business continuity systems.

Use social media to stay in contact with employees and take steps to guarantee they continue to receive pay during a disaster, because that is when they most need the money. Take advantage of the cloud to copy data to a location out of harm’s way and similarly have your physical location inspected for its ability to withstand severe weather. If a hurricane wants to send a Buick through your wall, it will, but doing as much advance preparation as possible will help to mitigate the cost of cleaning it up.

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