Google Glass: CIOs Say No Thanks, or at Least, Not Yet

no google glassGoogle Glass is an innovative piece of technology, which has caught the attention of early adopters across the world. But is Google Glass a viable option for business solutions? In this blog from TechRepublic many CIOs chime in, and the consensus seems to be yes– but not today.

Google’s wearable tech is quite a spectacle, and while they aren’t quite ready to invest yet, CIOs are interested in potential business applications”

Google Glass for business is still a gray area; there are not many applications for the business world. This will change soon, with Google releasing their Glass Development Kit giving developers the ability to create new applications.

Here is a list of possible uses of Google Glass:

·         Patient cues during examinations and scans
·         Overlaying GIS data based on GPS location
·         3D wireframe during building inspections
·         GPS Cycling routes
·         Monitor replacement

How would your business benefit from Google Glass? What potential uses could your employees use with this technology? Check out the full blog and start a share your thoughts.

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