Goodbye, CIO. Say Hello to the Chief Customer Officer

at your serviceThe position of CIO in a company is done. In the past the CIO was a lawyer, the least respected role of the executive team, and a lateral hire.  In the next 10 years the CIO position will be replaced with a customer-centric position.

CIOs didn’t exist until the late 1980’s with the desktop computer becoming affordable. As other computing devices dropped in price, the CIOs reach rapidly increased, and the position became a peer to all the other C-Execs.

“The market is shifting and cloud based infrastructure is compelling. Costs are fixed for servers, disk space and licenses. Updates and patches require little support form traditional IT thus freeing up time, spend and talent on what should is increasingly becoming a turnkey utility. While some industries such as Financial Services have more complex needs those can be more directly addressed with specialty services. How long before most of corporate services infrastructure is all cloud-based and outsourced systems?”

With more business shifting to the cloud the role of the CIO will need to shift from virtual grounds keeper to a customer service guidance counselor.

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