Five Big New Responsibilities for Today’s CIO

CIOs are required to wear a multitude of hats during their regular interactions. Also, the responsibilities of CIOs are growing, not shrinking, as the constant tide of technology changes the landscape of business.

 “While past years might have highlighted a sideline role for CIOs as social marketing blossomed and CMOs took over more chunks of the technology budget and BYOD trends spelled the decline of employee hardware spending, that sideline role seems to be ending. Here are the five main trends I took home from the conference that I think illustrate the new CIO role.”

This eWeek blog, highlights five new responsibilities Eric Lundquist gathered from the 10th Annual MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. Below is a synopsis of his points.

  1. Big data will reinforce the CIO position.
  2. The departmental “charge it on the credit card”
  3. Cloud computing offers technology advantages
  4. BYOD will continue to blossom
  5. The CIO will once again find a seat in the boardroom

Read more about these responsibilities on the original post.

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