Federal CIOs Need More Authority to Better Manage IT

Capitol“Cut government spending” is one of the most popular phrases of anybody running for office, but centralizing power to federal CIOs really could be a practical and efficient way to do just that. Kenneth Corbin writes for about the push on Capitol Hill to empower federal CIOs. Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn estimates that at least one-third of the roughly $80 billion spent annually in IT is squandered on unnecessary, duplicative, or otherwise just plain lousy projects. He believes granting more power to department and agency CIOs could rectify this. Even in the government, IT often displays a reclusive nature and is unwilling to talk openly with others, and this is something CIOs hope to change. IT could also stand to improve its alignment with industry. But the blame for wasteful projects falls into many hands. The Department of Defense, for instance, does not denote a single one of its IT projects as being in danger of failure, which is statistically impossible. Granting CIOs more authority to guide and synchronize IT could help to alleviate these many costly concerns.

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