Risk Management

Data Classification Can Boost Risk Management

Data Classification and how it is implemented have an effect across every department in a company. The risk management priority placed on data has a direct correlation to its classification. One issue many are facing with Data Classification is that they are making decisions apart from their data users. The owners of the data should agree to the classifications and understand how it is being used:

“Survey data released this week by IT risk management consultancy Protiviti suggests that many IT leaders at large organizations do understand the implicit importance of solid data classification and retention practices. Among a pool of more than 200 IT decision makers, 72 percent reported that they have a data classification policy in place to categorize their organizations' information. But at the same time, these same organizations are having a hard time making good on those policies because the practices necessary to execute on written policies still lag.”

Because of this the importance of classification should be stressed to management. They should be behind you on Data Classification's wide spread implementation.

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