Benjamin Franklin’s Inventions and Improvements

franklinBenjamin Franklin can be viewed as the greatest inventor of his time. This founding father was responsible for more inventions than most companies develop in a hundred years, not to mention he did so while also helping found a nation. Franklin is the embodiment of entrepeneurship and the American spirit of discovery, and why not honor a few of his discoveries today?

For instance, consider just two of his inventions that have helped you in your IT career: Bifocals and a better understanding of electricity. If not for Franklin, you would need to switch your glasses whenever you moved from viewing your monitor to the tiny text of a spreadsheet your working off of. And if he didn't expand humanity's understanding of electricity, you might not even have a computer to work on (or batteries for your wireless mouse, at the very least).

The article closes with some inventions that Franklin is credited with creating, but in fact he did not. Read the article to learn more.

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