Arrival of the CDO and CCO in the Enterprise

cartoon business manBring-your-own-device and even bring-your-own-app initiatives are proliferating in enterprises at increasing rates, and 90 percent of technology spending is expected to be spent on shadow IT by the end of the decade. In the face of such changes, Dion Hinchcliffe writes an article for ZDNet about how businesses might potentially react. One such possibility is the advent of a CDO (chief digital officer) and CCO (chief customer officer), both of which would help to make sense of the wealth of digital information that becomes increasingly challenging to use and manage to the best of an organization’s ability. The alternative is that organizations embrace a whole new architecture that provides users much greater freedom to incorporate new technology, assuming it is all underscored by policies that make the experience safe and secure. Hinchcliffe estimates both scenarios are likely to unfold to an extent, and it is estimated that up to a quarter of large enterprises will have a CDO by 2015. Do businesses really need this many C-level executives to function at optimal capacity? We will soon find out.

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