Are Warehouse Management System Modifications Going Away?

Warehouse management systems (WMS) tend to undergo heavy modification because WMS must model varying distribution centers’ product flows. However, a movement has begun to reduce or in some cases eliminate modification altogether as WMS develops more and more out-of-the-box features. The idea is that it might just be easier to conform to the new-and-improved WMS than to take the effort to customize it. An article from SupplyChainDigest discusses the growing phenomenon. Modifying WMS means spending both now and later, since vendors usually charge maintenance fees on modifications. And since WMS is developed with best practices in mind from the start, heavy customization does not necessarily sound practical. Jim Barnes, CEO of enVista, supports the notion of not modifying, since he says WMS really only serves a few basic functions and does not warrant such great financial investment. David Meyers and Kevin Hume of Tompkins International meanwhile believe that modification will continue to have a place in WMS for some time, though the rate and scope of such changes will likely decline steeply. SupplyChainDigest intends to follow up on this article to go into further depth on the topic.

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