6 Things Every CIO Should Know

The CIO is under constant attack. Between employees who bring their own devices to work (and then demand tech support on them), CMOs who rightly claim they need more IT in their work and thereby get a bigger slice of the tech budget each year, and the CEO asking “why can't we just outsource all of our IT to a vedor?”, the CIO doesn't have it easy. In fact, the CIO may feel at times like they are fighting a battle that could go either way.

In an blog post on Gigaom, Barb Darrow cites areas that the modern day CIO needs to address, the people they need to worry about, and what they can do to increase their relevancy in the business. The list includes:

  1. Learning to work well with others
  2. Embracing big data (but not being swept away by it)
  3. Managing by something other than “gut feeling”
  4. Bewaring of the HIPPO (highest paid person with an opinion)
  5. Balancing innovation with stability
  6. Bewaring of the CMO

While reading it independently of any outside information may seem contrite, the truth behind it remains clear: the CIO has to fight to stay relevant in the workplace, and that relevancy is gained through tenacity of purpose and continuous strategic advantage.

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