6 Emerging Technologies and What They Mean to CIOs

new techThis article from touches on 6 technologies that may change IT and what importance CIOs should place on them. 

3-D Printing has evolved into an amazingly innovative technology over the past few years.  This technology cuts down on the manufacturing process.  Since items can be produced in “batches as small as one” cost and time are reduced. An idea designed in the morning can be on your desk in a matter of hours.

“Parts delivery, vehicle maintenance, commercial products and even medicine will all be greatly impacted by the technology. From clothing and food supplements to human organs, 3-D printers could someday localize the manufacture of almost everything”

Electric Vehicles (EV) are of great interest to many Americans, as the conversations on fossil fuels continues to be a focus. With more EVs driving down our highways, an “embedded charging infrastructure under the roads” would make them more practical.

“…it’s really hard to predict how underground charging would work. Once the technology is proven, she added, its success will depend on the business model used.” The question then becomes how to take payment for the charging service.

Facial Recognition Is something that is heavily invested in by the government. The uses for this type of technology are endless, but right now the technology is expensive and has a long way until it matures.

“The FBI is working with state governments to deploy a pilot version of a facial recognition database in 2014 that will have millions of searchable photos, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology regularly researches how facial recognition technology benefits government.”

Read the rest of the article for more on these and other technologies.

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