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5 New Trends in Project Management That Enterprises Can’t Ignore

blindfoldIf you try to pretend that the train hurdling toward you is not going to hit you, you might feel better for a little while, but that train is still going to turn you into confetti. Similarly, if you try to act like every new idea in project management is just a passing fad, your enterprise will quickly decay as the competition one ups you at every step of the way. Mattias Hällström writes about five new trends of particular note:

  1. Rolling-wave planning
  2. Lean & Agile
  3. Customer-centric
  4. Activity streams
  5. Social

Rolling-wave planning is all about building toward project completion in phases so as not to waste a lot of time and money mapping out a large schedule that will inevitably require changes as the true scope of the project comes into focus. The virtues of Lean and Agile according to Hällström are that they use the Last Planner Rule and control through transparency. The framework of project management has shifted toward customer-centric practices, since in the end, customer satisfaction is the only really legitimate measure of project success. The value of activity streams is explained like this:

New technologies are creating a culture of real-time information sharing, feedback and transparency that previously only existed in the physical world. In behavioral science this is explained as Osmotic Communication and Ambient Awareness but it is more commonly known as eavesdropping. Let’s say you work in an open office and you hear a discussion about a problem. You realize you can help and, as a human being, you’re wired with a need to help and share so you contribute your feedback. Now, technologies enable you to observe and participate in conversations happening all around you in the virtual world.

And as science and technology help us understand human behavior better than ever before, the social aspect of project management becomes more pronounced than ever. Piece together how these various trends can help your enterprise stay current and dodge that speeding locomotive.

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