4 Supply Chain Lessons from AT&T, Best Buy & Dell

One of the most efficient ways to gain insight into how best to run a supply chain is to examine how the top players do it. Celine Suarez has written an article about lessons learned regarding sustainable procurement from researching AT&T, Best Buy, and Dell:

  1. Align the strategy with the nature of the category and supplier relationship.
  2. Involve the right players in the sustainable procurement discussion.
  3. Establish a clear business case for purchasing more sustainable products.
  4. Start with what is measurable and scale up from there.

With particular regard to the second item, AT&T’s supply chain team required the input of facilities and operations experts who could help determine the business case and requirements for purchasing more energy-efficient equipment. Dell similarly needed to work with supplier management and original design manufacturers to improve supplier energy efficiency. Review the full article for useful in-depth information derived from studying these big name organizations.

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