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Words of Wisdom from IT Service Desk Managers

Going to the Internet for help and guidance has been a common solution to all our problems ever since the days of dial-up, and it seems especially practical and appropriate when IT professionals do it. Hans Van-Stek compiles in a blog post the wisdom of working professionals from various online message boards to help paint a picture of what service desk managers can do better for their organizations.

The first thing to remember is to treat customers as capable and intelligent people. It is easy to get agitated when customers come to you with what you consider brain-dead simple problems, but you have to recognize that you and the customer have had very different experiences. The customer deserves your respect until something is done to lose it. Another point of order is in understanding good and bad metrics. Outsourced workers will sometimes focus on closing a ticket without fixing a problem because it all still counts toward improving stats. Conversely, using tickets that go both well and poorly as a metric will help to demonstrate strengths and weaknesses in employees and in the greater IT.

The most efficient way to help customers and minimize frustration is to instruct the customers to install a common remote access application to allow IT to get down to business. Just remember not to become too vital to your organization’s everyday running:

A thread on Spiceworks about the help desk experience led to a cautionary tale about making yourself un-promotable by, ironically, being too good at what you do. “If you dig in too deep and simply know how to fix stuff with no documentation, it is way too easy to slip into a special un-promotable category… If they start to think that there is no way they could make it from day to day without you doing your current job, you become un-promotable.”

There is never a bad place to learn something new, and the Internet is full of good information if you can find it. Use the nuggets contained here to manage your service desk ever better.

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