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Time for CIO and CMO Bonding

handshakeWho is the owner of your company’s website?   Chances are both the CIO and the CMO believe they are the one who owns the website.  The truth is, according to an article by Jessica Obermayer , the convergence of IT and Marketing is what is needed for companies and company websites to succeed.  SpringObermayer does, however, recognize why there is still a lack of harmony in these two areas:

For a long time, I didn’t understand why some firms’ marketing groups were so protective about their websites. It finally dawned on me that many IT groups have evolved into rigid practitioners of controlling information technology resources. Somehow I always thought that those of us who used to avidly work with business users, designing PC/server-based systems while working around that old-fashioned IT oversight nonsense, would have continued to partner with the business to dig into their needs, using technologies to be more successful. Wrong. It’s become evident to me that IT may have earned their reputation as the guys who respond to a business request with:  Just say no.

Obermayer notes that this disconnect is not the least bit helpful to a business.  There are differences between IT and Marketing that people tend to get hung up on.  Marketing tends to know more about what pleases a consumer.  Obermayer points out that you can tell from the design of a website whether IT or Marketing is in charge.  If IT is in charge, you are more likely to see things like white space and strange font choices.  Therefore, Obermayer believes that “IT needs to let Marketing do what it does best.”

That does not mean that Marketing can exist in this business world without the help of IT.  It simply cannot.  What is needed is an atmosphere where the two can work together for a common goal.  Granted, IT tends to be more result driven and concise whereas Marketing is customer driven and creative.  However, the information brought by IT coupled with the outreach accomplished by Marketing can make your business and your websites both visually appealing as well as intelligent.

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