The Secrets of ITIL Success

secretPlenty of blogs have dedicated time to explaining what goes wrong in ITIL, and while that isn’t a bad thing, it’s not the aim of this blog post by James Finister. Instead, he focuses on 2 very important elements to ITIL success: Timing & Context and People & Partners. As Finister explains, timing is as important in ITSM as it is in comedy. Launching an ITSM initiative that succeeds occurs when “the wind is in favor” of success. To that end, he lists a few times when it might be the right time to make the push for an ITSM initiative:

  • There is a burning bridge such as a merger/de-merger – preferably one with direct implications for the whole organisation, not just IT
  • The organisation is in a  period of positive disruption, for instance following the appointment of a new CEO
  • Key stakeholders are already pressing for change, especially customers and suppliers
  • Senior management have a bigger agenda that ITSM happens to align with.

The next element is people & partners: the people who understand organizational culture, made decisions based on real-world need, remembered they were employing consultants who they listen to, knew what ITSM was without beating people over the head with it, and made the hard decisions necessary to make the implementation successful. These individuals can be stakeholders, managers, or even outside customers who want to see the success of an implementation. The important part is that they are in your corner and are working towards the same end goal as you are. Finister ends the blog post by bringing up a few interesting points about other elements. According to him, having training, a new ITSM tool, and consultants aren’t necessarily essential to a new ITSM initiative. While useful, it’s possible to get by without these elements and still have a successful effort accomplished.

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