The Evolution of Knowledge Management

As technology evolves, so too must knowledge management.  Mark Horton, Marketing Programs Manager at Socialcast, notes that there is a distinct shift taking place in the industry from being an “industrial-based society” to “an information-based” society.  This means more jobs have been given to machinery instead of people.  The end result of this is a smaller workforce, as Horton points out, that relies on knowledge that is so rarely documented or logged.  This is creating a strong demand for superior knowledge management techniques.

Horton continues by showing the evolution of knowledge management.  Truly, the first time cuneiform language information was carved into a rock in 3,500 BC should also be considered the first time someone practiced knowledge management.  Today, knowledge managers can become better at their jobs by creating an intranet, a data warehouse, and collaborative techniques.  Taking steps to improve in those and other areas will surely improve your organization’s knowledge management techniques.  Furthermore, as trends show a convergence of social media and knowledge management, Horton recommends using a knowledge management system that is easily adaptable.  Whether we are aware of it or not, humans have been managing knowledge for thousands of years.  The more we evolve, the more likely we are to succeed.

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