Right and Wrong Ways to Set Up a Remote Office

Setting up a new branch office can feel like trying to explore uncharted lands. Carson Carlson offers some tips taken from Michael Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of Catalyst IT Services to smooth out all the bumps and rough edges of the process. After you make sure the timing is right for setting up a remote office, Carlson recommends reinforcing the link to the main office:

Next, be sure that the remote office consistently reflects the company mission and does not become a disparate body. Replicate the culture of the main office by detailing a team of employees from the original office to set up the new one. If there’s an IT glitch at the new location, send someone to fix it in person rather than trying to do it from afar.

It is also important to consult with teams in the current as well as in the new office. Rosenbaum notes that team members may address some concerns with you, but it is crucial that all team members feel that the floor is open for discussion. Some team members may not want to bring up any issues they see with a remote office because they do not want to be the person to start “trouble.” When camaraderie is built between offices, success will come more naturally.

Although the importance of communication is well known, sometimes leaders can forget to put plans in place to facilitate communication between remote offices. Communication is not something you want to overlook, so Carlson suggests setting up regularly scheduled phone calls so that everyone across all branches will have a chance to talk about items that may not be urgent but still require attention. The more connected and clued-in everyone feels, the more smoothly the establishing of a branch or remote office will go.



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