More Safeguards for Online Privacy Rights

In a recent survey conducted the the EU, it was found that “2 out of 3 Europeans are worried that companies share their personal data without their permission” and that “9 out of 10 want the same data protection rights across Europe.” Those are clear numbers, and a driving force behind the purpose of this informational page on the European Commission business page. The page includes proposals intended to protect people, help businesses, and provides the “next steps” planning for enforcing the proposals if passed. The proposals include the following key features:

  • increasing responsibility and accountability – companies would have to notify their clients of any theft or accidental release of personal data
  • clarifying that where someone’s consent is required before a company reuses their personal data, they need to give that consent explicitly – people would also have access to their own private data and be able to transfer it to another service provider more easily
  • reinforcing the ‘right to be forgotten’ – people will be able to have their personal data deleted if a business or other organisation has no legitimate reasons for keeping it
  • applying EU rules when personal data is processed outside Europe – people would be able to involve the national data protection authority in their country, even when their data is processed by a company based outside the EU.
The belief is, having a single set of rules could save businesses something in the vicinity of €2.3bn a year due to needing to satisfy only one set of rules rather than multiple rules for each country. This will, hopefully, drive online commerce and improve consumer trust.
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