Is the CMO Still the CIO’s Enemy?

frenimiesAs IT and Marketing are forced to work more and more closely together, the relationship between CIOs and CMOs is also changing.  While the relationship between the two was once strained, both parties are beginning to realize that working in harmony is good for business.  This is the focus of an article by Dynamic CIO contributor Rahul Neel Mani.  Mani suggest that remaining enemies is not doing anyone any good.

According to experts quoted in Mani’s article, marketing is poised to exploit all of the hot trends in IT.  The more CIOs are aware of this, the more they can create a mutually strategic relationship.  Communication is key in this relationship, and it should certainly flow two ways.  CIOs may feel like all things IT must revolve around them, but excluding CMOs and marketing techniques from consideration simply doesn’t make sense.  In order to be truly strategic, all voices must be heard.  Although CIOs and CMOs may not always be the best of friends, their working relationship will most likely be forced to improve in days to come.

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