How to Make Good Decisions Quickly: 8 Ideas that Really Work

The ThinkerNotions sometimes conflict on how to make the best decisions. Marcia Hoeck has a comprehensive take on the subject with eight ideas:

  1. Use your intuition to imagine the right answer.
  2. Ask, is this really me?
  3. Question your snap decisions—unless you’re a cave man.
  4. Run the decision by your values.
  5. Check your body truth.
  6. Consider your decision in a different language.
  7. Think of it as a test, or imagine others watching your decision making process and critiquing you.
  8. Ask, do you want to do it?

Some of her ideas disagree directly with those brought up by others, but she offers a lot of support in rebuttal. Use your own compass to decide what works for you.

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