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How Commodity IT Will Define the Future Service Desk

Bells and whistles just might be the future of the service desk. An article from Service Desk 360 discusses how the commoditization of IT means that it will be the little perks and incentives that distinguish the most viable service desks moving forward, now that basic services and functions have become widespread enough that they are no longer a factor of differentiation.

The article often quotes Pat Bolger of Hornbill, who likens IT to the proliferation of electricity in homes. In the beginning, there was no infrastructure for electricity, and so tremendous cost and investment were required for a few suppliers to provide a basic service. Now that electricity is everywhere around us and readily available, distinguishing one energy supplier from another has become a matter of what extra services they provide to the experience, such as cell phone apps to help measure the amount of energy being used. Although this example does not directly reflect the commoditization of IT, it still demonstrates how services which were once new and dynamic will become required and expected in time. Eventually, it becomes about what new conveniences can be derived from these old services. The article elaborates:

Some suggest that the consumerisation of IT is driven by a ‘nice-to-have’ mindset. Most knowledge workers would claim it is because the service experience far outweighs the cost of buying and using their own devices and apps. “IT is no longer a ‘magical’ thing.   Technology automation and peer-to-peer support are becoming so powerful that service desks can’t afford to have every resource consumed dealing with low value transactions.”

Service desks need to streamline their operations to take care of these basic tasks quicker and without any mysticism so that more energy can be spent on creating an ideal customer experience. It is often called the help desk because you want to help make things better all the time, not just when somebody has a fire that needs to be put out.

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