Balancing Science and Art in P3M

Portfolio, Programme, and Project management (P3M) is making it possible for organisations to improve business performance regardless of sector. This is due to P3M’s ability to help them “select, prioritize, and manage their total work and supports decision making to ensure resource are allocated to projects that provide the greatest value,” according to this PDF from the NHS. The paper goes on to explain how the Manchester City Council has gone about implementing a P3M solution, which was introduced in stages and focused on stakeholder involvement and training. This method worked for Kevin Jones as well: Kevin Jones, Head of the Programme Management Unit explains: “Similar to the NHS P3M Resource Centre work, we have created a matrix of competences for all levels of project and programme management staff in the council, together with generic job roles, from entry level to programme manager, which cover both the “science” and “art” of project management. ” While the “science” aspect may be easy to implement the “art” aspect is much more nebulous. As Jones states in the paper, the “art” side can only be gained through experience. The organisation fostered this by facilitating team members in considering what the next step was in their career, finding the resources to help them achieve that next step, and consistent mentoring. The Manchester city council has seen a 50% reduction in costs due to in-house project management staff (rather than consultants) and additional benefits contained within storing corporate memory and morale.

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