12 Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Excel

Look no further than Maximum PC for twelve handy ways to improve your Microsoft Excel experience:

  1. Use Pivot Table to create tables on the fly.
  2. Use Vlookup to transfer data faster.
  3. Conditional formatting is your friend.
  4. Change the cell listing to jump straight to a cell.
  5. Set up macros.
  6. Format numbers accurately.
  7. Format empty spaces too.
  8. Delete blank rows with Go to.
  9. Use Ctrl+~ to view formulas.
  10. Double-click to automate.
  11. Use Alt+Enter to add multiple lines of text.
  12. Use the RDBEmail to email quickly.

Seamus Bellamy, Paul Lily, and David Murphy make an esoteric world of lines and boxes into something a bit more palpable.


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