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10 Project Management Trends that Dominate in 2013

A new year means new trends, and new trends means new excitements and headaches. To best prepare you for what lies in wait, a slideshow from Information Management lists ten trends we will be sure to see more of as this year progresses:

  1. Soft skills undervalued
  2. Agile methods seen as failure
  3. More need for “project managers”
  4. Project size matters
  5. PMOs must continually prove worth
  6. Feds upgrade PM certification
  7. Outsourcing exacerbates other problems
  8. Short life span for PMOs
  9. Portfolio management gets the attention and funds
  10. Agile methods require a dose of reality

Even as they continue to wish their project managers had better communication and negotiation skills, organizations will still emphasize “hard” skills related to project completion over more basic, understated skills. Project managers will get a boost in esteem as the Office of Federal Procurement Policy aims to boost the quality of their PM certifications. Many agile projects are expected to fail, not because agile methods do not work but because the professionals responsible for the projects do not yet have a handle on the principles behind agile. Accelerating time to market is not necessarily agile’s strongest suit, but there is still evidence to support its many claimed merits. More organizations will likely increase their levels of in-house expertise to better guarantee project quality as project sizes balloon in scope and cost. Outsourcing misguided assignments will have the ironic effect of needing to hire third parties to then assess those outsourcing relationships. PMOs will need to go above expectations and find ways to provide higher levels of value to the company. In spite of their efforts, PMO life expectancy will likely drop below four years. One thing that will not be undervalued is portfolio management: ESI [Educational Services Institute] sees more companies directing tight budgets toward IT and process improvement via portfolio management to get a handle on enterprise project possibilities. While there is uncertainty over certification levels on portfolio management in 2013, the principles and practices are coming regardless, according to the training firm. These are the projected trends for 2013, and by the time 2014 hits, there is sure to be a whole new suite of challenges, anxieties, and opportunities for project managers to embrace and enjoy.

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