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Why Adoption is the Right Term for ITIL and ITSM

This post from ITIL ® and Me draws the real life comparison between an actual adoption and “adopting” ITIL into your organization. The post's author explains how there are trials and delays in both — how there are sudden, last minute tasks that must be accomplished and overcome; but in the end, any challenges are worthwhile. The author goes on to explain how adoption is the right term for organizational implementation of ITIL: the term carries permanence. A group has to decide to bring ITIL on for the duration — not as a quick fix that can be abandoned once the benefits are realized.

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[…] Guide; A Practical Guide to Implementing ITIL Application Support — Step 2 What is ITIL?aits2018.wpengine.com/2012/…/why-adoption-is-the-right-term-for-itil-and-its… This entry was posted in ITIL Foundation and tagged certification, courses, exam, itil […]
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