Want Better Service from Your Vendor? Be a Better Customer

Any relationship, business or otherwise, succeeds because both people involved are working towards making the other people feel valued and appreciated. Don Tennant recognizes this, so when he saw the book Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet, he was intrigued. What was most interesting to Tennant was how the book's author suggested that, in order to get better service, you needed to be a better customer. Tennant goes on to list a few of the tips found in the book about being a better customer, all of which can readily be applied to vendors we interact with every day. For instance, you can expect better service from vendors if you provide them with the data they want in the order they want it: Many service providers need your data in a sequence that fits their forms, screens, and procedures. Have all your information ready to go, but give it in the order they prefer. Saying, “I have all my information ready. Which would you like first?” lets the provider know you are prepared and will be easy to work with. The time you take getting everything in order will save time in the service conversation, too. Another suggestion is to actively show your appreciation of the service they provide, and to confirm next actions. These two acts let you and the vendor understand that the work done is valuable and worthwhile, and confirms what both you and they should expect in the future for work performed.

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