Turn the Impossible Challenges of Today into Tomorrow’s Achievements

Take a few minutes and gain some insight from the CEO of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, (CSCMP) on how supply chain people take today’s impossible to tomorrow’s possible. Why it is necessary to tell your supply chain stories inside and outside of your company. And, why the global supply chain is so important! Rick Blasgen has an on-going passion for getting the word out on how the supply chain is a core competency of most businesses and why its’ leaders need to make it a visible part of the company. Are you doing your part? Whoever said “what is impossible today is possible tomorrow” must have been a supply chain professional. The impossible is what we face and accomplish everyday, everywhere in the world as we ensure that the products people need arrive via the complex web known as the global supply chain. Yet achieving these formidable feats requires a commitment to continually expand our knowledge, our skills, and our connections. At CSCMP, we are committed to offering you the educational resources and global connections to help you turn the impossible into the possible. Continued learning is critical to our careers. As leaders of this incredible discipline, we have a responsibility—if not an obligation—to tell our story. A story of passion, persistence, performance, and innovation. Our supply chain journey from the distant past to the present has not been without risks, nor will it be in the future. For the 21st supply chain professional, solutions are still as complex as the staggering issues being solved. But delivery expectations must be met come rain or shine, when the economy is booming and when it isn’t. Our profession exists to anticipate unplanned disruptions and to quickly respond to them. Yet it is only through teamwork and shared learning experiences that we can accomplish the impossible as effectively and efficiently as we need to do. As lifetime students, always learning, improving and evolving, we recognize that a core characteristic of a successful supply chain manager is strong interpersonal skills and that the ability to communicate well both inside companies and externally with suppliers and customers is a prerequisite for the success of our businesses. Effective communication lays the foundation for successful collaboration without which, supply chains would merely be a collection of companies following their own paths. As supply chain management (SCM) leaders, we have an obligation to stand up and be counted by educating global business leaders on SCM’s irrefutable, significant impact, from production to distribution, on the bottom-line and long-term viability of our organizations. We share a responsibility to demonstrate how SCM is a core competency—a critical component to business, and one that requires expert talent to manage. We must be committed to promoting our invisibility as a visible asset to our businesses and to the global business community at large. Supply chain professionals, together with CSCMP, will forge forward—turning the impossible challenges of today into the possible achievements of tomorrow.

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