Three Mistakes Organizations Are Making That Kill CRM Collaboration

The assumption that all employees within a company are able to work together, without fail, and with the company’s best interest in mind is a fallacy. According to this article by Gabriel Gheorghiu, employees and many self-motivators that dictate how the interact with the customer and with fellow team members. This article lists three mistakes organizations are making and how they can sink a company’s CRM efforts. One mistake, for example, is the lack of clear goals: First of all, defining and setting unclear (and sometimes contradictory) goals for the company. If profit is your only strategy driver, you’re heading for disaster. Your relationships with customers will suffer, as your employees will not be able to convey a clear message about your company. Profit should be the result of activities in your company, not the core impetus for them. But even if you are clearly defining your goals and strategies to attract and retain customers, conflicting internal relationships can have a negative impact on the way you apply everything you planned. Separate agendas—especially if they are driven by key decision makers—will confuse employees, create duplicate work, and clutter communication. The end result: your strategy and goals will have theoretical value only. To get around this, Gheorghiu suggests getting CRM software that helps manage internal business processes – shedding light on what is and is not working within the company.

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