The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013

Article author Bob Evans has it right: the CIO has gone through more changes, re-definitions, and revised expectations than any other C-level position in the past 10 years. This means that a successful CIO isn’t just trying to maintain the status quo ““ they must always be looking to the future and towards what’s coming around the bend. To that end, Evans lists 10 strategic CIO issues for 2013, explaining what the CIO needs to focus on and what can happen if they don’t. For instance, consider how much time your organization has spent thinking about cloud computing: Without question, CIOs must have detailed strategies and plans for cloud computing and many already have those in place (to those of you who don’t, well, did you ever get that high-school teaching certificate?). But the strategic CIO will use the next several months to collaborate with the CEO in upgrading that tech-centric plan into a broader vision for a sweeping business transformation of the entire enterprise. If you’re still viewing your cloud strategy based on a tech-driven plan written a year or two ago””before the ascendancy of social, customer engagement, Big Data, and business analytics””you’re going to miss the boat. Evans also suggests getting rid of the 80/20 rule for IT: spending 70-80 percent of the IT budget on maintaining what already exists and only 10-20 percent on innovation. Instead, consider the big shift to spending more and more on innovation each year ““ it will allow IT to be more responsive to business needs. He also suggests that CIOs lead the social enterprise ““ that is, instead of pushing back on social media, consider the potential to provide real time metrics and motivation for existing employees. The CIO who resists, Evans warns, will ultimately be pushed aside.

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