The Ten Strategic Risks that Cause Projects to Fail

Project failure has become (according to Dr. Mike Clayton) an epidemic. You can't avoid reading about a stalled government project or a large corporate initiative that has come to a screeching halt due to a risk that materialized as an issue. In this blog post, Dr. Clayton lists 10 risks (and the strategy to mitigate them) that cause projects to fail. Many relate to communication – a lack of clear requirements, a lack of follow up, or a misunderstanding of workload. Other risks deal with expectations: People have unrealistic expectations, leading to a determination of failure despite the project meeting its goal and objectives. Stakeholders will always have the last word on success or failure. The strategy in this case is to prioritize stakeholder management in all stages of the project. Dr. Clayton's quick list acts as a guide post to help project managers avoid some of the most common pitfalls around.

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