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The 10 Commandments of Large-Scale IT Transformation

This slideshow presentation lists 10 must-have tips for large scale transformation within IT. Some of the tips include having a PMO, getting feedback from all stakeholders, clearly defining methodologies and what completion means, and identifying bottleneck resources. While all of these tips are important for almost any IT project, they are especially problematic when not followed on large scale transformations. One of the more interesting suggestions is “identifying risk appetite”, that is, understanding how much risk an organization is willing to take on and still be successfully functional. Some organizations can take lots of risks and still be successful, while others are not experienced enough to handle the strain.


When it comes to large-scale IT transformation projects, some  basic principles have a great impact on implementation success. The following is a list of principles, some of which the folks at the IT consulting firm Infosys  freely admit they came by  the hard way. These recommendations, or “10 Commandments,” are intended to help focus your IT organization’s attention  on the most fundamental aspects of program management.

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