Sampung Dahilan para ibasura ang iyong Mapanganib na Pamamahala ng Plano

Risk management is one of the top 3 make-or-break elements of an IT project – but George Bridges thinks you should just go ahead and get rid of it! Why? Because he knows that some organizations are just going through the motions – creating risk management plans that sound good on paper, perhaps, but are in fact a straw man just to say it was done. Bridges explains how dangerous this can be, and how you can tell if your RMP is really worth its salt or should just be scrapped. Some of the indicators Bridges lists include whether or not the right people were involved in coming up with the plan (if not, scrap it), if it's large and complex despite it being created in only a few hours, and if risk is only thought of as a loss of money by upper management. By examining the list and reviewing your own risk management plan, you'll have a better idea of whether you're ready to go or ready to scrap.

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