Project Entrepreneurship: Beyond Management and Leadership

Most of us can agree that it takes a certain mindset in order to successfully manage projects. But in this post from the PMI blog, V. Srinivasa Rao says there are three possible mindsets – a management mindset, a leadership mindset, and (most importantly) an entrepreneurial mindset. He explains that the management mindset is good for task-oriented success, but may fail when it comes to creating a good work environment. The leadership mindset is focused on overall goals and more apt to create a positive work environment – both good things in a project. The best mindset however is the entrepreneurial mindset: An entrepreneurial mindset is like an executive mindset for the project manager. He or she would focus on delivering high value to the customer, employees and his or her organization. Ownership of projects is at its peak, innovation flows like water and alternative project techniques are used for continuous betterment of projects. A project manager's risk appetite is high in this mindset, and he or she also builds many reusable assets to repeat the success of future projects The author posits that all three of these mindsets, when working together, allows for the best possible outcomes in a project and for a company. The team is engaged and ready to do work, the project manager is acting as a manger, a leader, and an organizational resource for best practice development.

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