Negotiate Like A Car Salesman: 5 Tactics To Help You Win Every Time

If you get past the stereotypical image of a greased hair car salesman, you'll find that they have a few unique tricks that can help anyone negotiate effectively. Car salesmen need to reach agreements with perspective buyers quickly and effectively, and that means they've honed in on some magic formulas when it comes to speeding up the sale. This post by Denis Wilson on Fast Company highlights 5 tactics that car salesmen use to win the dealership game. The article features tips and advice from Lee Miller, author of UP: Influence, Power, and the U Perspective””the Art of Getting What You Want. Miller explains how emotional subtext (how people are emotionally reacting during the negotiation process) can be used to the advantage of the person doing the selling. For instance, one of the tactics is to “always be negotiating”: In a work setting, people often make the mistake of not realizing they are in a negotiation, when in fact they are. With your guard down, you stand to lose ground to others. “When you're in a meeting, there are people at that meeting who go in there with the mindset that this is all negotiating–an opportunity to get x, whether it's resources or support,” says Miller. “Another party goes into that meeting with no agenda or goals. The party that's treating it as a negotiation is very likely to get what they want and the party going in there viewing this just as an exchange of information is likely to wonder, “˜How did we reach an agreement on something I really didn't want?'” How can this be applied to your everyday work life? Every interaction with a vendor or stakeholder should be considered as a mini-negotiation. It sounds cold (taking out the simple and pleasant interaction), but understand that they might be doing the same thing to you. Being aware of the tools of negotiation can put you a few steps ahead, no matter what side of the table you're on.

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