Logistics Management Technology Roundtable

In this article by Michael Levans, a roundtable of five of the leading technology analysts discuss ERP, business analytics, and how social media are helping capture and optimize supply chain visibility. One of the first questions goes to Jerry O’Dwyer who defines business analytics: We define “business analytics” as the practice of using data to drive business strategy and performance. This includes a range of capabilities—from looking backward to evaluate what happened in the past, to forward-looking approaches like scenario planning and predictive modeling. Transportation and logistics management is one of the most data-driven components of the supply chain and is also one of the largest cost components of the supply chain for most companies. Transportation managers often lack critical visibility into today’s operations due to unreliable and inaccurate data, an inability to perform root cause analysis due to aggregated data, and too much time spent performing reactive, ad-hoc analyses. The right business analytics solution can help these organizations more proactively manage their business, make fact-based decisions, and successfully plan for the future. The roundtable goes on to discuss RFID, social media’s impact, and how these powerhouses of the industry understand the current state of ERP’s growth in supply chain—and where they believe it will go in the future.

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