Imagining the IT Organization in 2021: Empowered to Innovate

If we look into the crystal ball of IT future, what sort of changes do you imagine we'll see? Andrew Nusca recounts a recent Forrester IT Forum where Marc Cecere attempted to answer that question. His predictions include a more aligned IT though “business technology” (BT). BT will embed technology within business, and will move IT into a more strategic position. Furthermore, traditional functions within IT will be reduced and instead certain roles will become business functions. Roles, likewise, will change: Enterprise architects will also become more strategic, removing themselves from their occasional role as an extension of the help desk and focusing more on innovation and assembling and integrating the pieces. Ditto for application developers and sourcing and vendor managers, the latter which will increase the amount of “consulting” they do to monitor work going on outside the IT organization. Naturally these changes are going to take time, and from what Cecere sees now, most organizations aren't quite at a point to change yet. Between duplicated skills between IT and business, “ugly” software built on top of other software, and high IT costs that are not explained, the IT organization needs, as a whole, to optimize and streamline before they can meet the future.

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