Gartner: Supply Chain To Become A Top-Three Security Concern

According to Tim Wilson, Gartner has recently found that “the integrity of data passed between hardware, software, and information suppliers will be a key security issue by 2017.” The supply chain has become more complex as multiple systems developed across the world have been combined to meet the need of global supply chains. This leads to plenty of areas where data can be corrupted. Wilson goes on to explain other difficulties that will lead to supply chain security rising to a top-three concern: “Hardware vendors are increasingly outsourcing not just manufacturing, but also design to OEM suppliers and contractors located in Asia and India,” the research firm notes. “In some cases, established Asian suppliers are outsourcing to emerging economies, such as Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. This is a complex problem, since most hardware systems are a conglomeration of components and subsystems procured from a large number of individual providers.” Ensuring the integrity of software supply chains is a more difficult problem because of the increased use of offshore development, the relative ease of cloning software, and the ongoing need to keep software patched and updated via trusted mechanisms, Gartner says. Wilson goes on, explaining how supply chains that move information can also be at risks ““ a real concern for any business that utilizes applications Twitter, Facebook, or Amazon. Securing data in these systems will become more and more important as these systems expand across more of the business world.

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