Ensuring a Worry-Free ERP Implementation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is often viewed as inflexible, one-size-fits-all, and stagnant (or, if upgradeable, expensive). This article by Deborah Catalano discusses 10 tips from David F. Ross, senior manager at APICS. As Mr. Ross suggests, it comes down to researching your options for ERP vendors and implementation, including the importance of individual tailoring: Because no two businesses are alike, it is crucial that you can tailor the ERP solution to fit your industry's needs. Customization does not mean expensive changes to software code and presentation. Rather, a flexible ERP application suite should offer robust, system-wide settings and utilities that allow you to define how each application supports your company's unique business policies and procedures. Another consideration that is often assumed but not discussed: make sure your provider is committed to enduring service. We all hope that the companies we work with are willing to help after the initial install, but verifying that they have national help lines, upgrade assistance, and tech support are all important steps that can save time and frustration in the future.

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