Companies on hiring spree: Demand for project managers on a rise

Despite the slow down that gripped India, there is one position that continues to see a constant upswing in hiring: project managers. According to this article by Anumeha Chaturvedi, staffing firms have seen the demand only go up for project managers – sometimes in the range of 10-12%. The article notes that IT project management roles have always been in demand in India, and this will continue to be the case. However, project management has become such an important element that it’s reach is expanding across multiple industries:

PMI estimates that there will be over 2,00,000 project managers in the country this year and that India needs at least 5,00,000 by 2016-17 to meet the demand. Industry experts estimate that sectors like IT, engineering, telecom, infrastructure, banking and pharma have a significant demand and are continuing to hire.

“The demand for new project managers at L&T has gone up due to new projects. This is typically met by both internal movements and lateral hiring,” says Professor Krishna Moorthy, dean at L&T Institute of Project Management. The L&T Institute of Project Management in Vadodara trains close to 1,500 professionals every year. “The pool of trained project managers has also gone up by around 10-15%,” he says.

As Raj Kalady explains, project management is a “slowdown proof” role. Project managers can be responsible for multiple objectives in both good times and bad, and that makes them valuable no matter the economic climate. This is ultimately what saves project managers and makes that position increasingly desirable to industries.

This has benefits and risks: a benefit for companies is simply that there will always be a use for a project manager within the organization. On the downside, the amount of project managers available will be impacted by how many “new” project managers are looking for work – leaving the hiring field potentially slim.

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