Are you a Smart PM or a Wise Project Manager?

Is it better to be smart or wise in the field of project management? This guest post by author Mike Clayton on PM Student uses 7 pillars of wisdom to lead us through the qualities that define a wise (and successful) project manager. A quality that not only saves time but springboards a project manager's career is the pillar of good judgment: Good judgment will be an essential capability in any walk of life and if your job includes making decisions or advising others, as it does for a PM, then critical thinking skills are at a premium. one particular area of judgment that is especially relevant to PMs, however, is your ability to forecast, and in our domain, that means planning. Wisdom means being able to use your experience and the evidence to arrive at a robust plan, rooted in rational assumptions based on careful analysis of reliable data. In particular, you need to be able to avoid “planning fallacy” – the tendency to believe your plans once you have created them. No matter how careful you have been in preparing your plan, refuse to be seduced into believing it is anything more than the best set of assumptions that were available to you at the time of planning. Clayton goes on, describing the qualities of conduct, fairness, authority and perception, and how they help build a project manager who can accelerate their company to success as well as themselves.

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