Project Management

7 Things I Learned About Project Management

Starting Jeremy Miller’s list is humility, being humble enough to realize that some of your team members know more than you (that’s why you have them on the team, right?), and recognizing when to listen to them rather than yourself can result in great things. The list of project management tips goes further, explaining why choosing the correct team, being impartial, building trust and being available all add up to lessons that put you at the top of your game in project management. What makes the list all the more interesting is the emphasis on the “soft information” in project management — relationships, emotions, and personal integrity.

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[…] 2 What is ITIL? A Practical Guide to Implementing ITIL Application Support – Overview ……/7-things-i-learned-about-project-management/ This entry was posted in ITIL Foundation and tagged certification, courses, exam, itil […]

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