Risk Management

Work Teams: What’s the risk?

According to the author, Therese Palmiotto, many companies today are turning towards the integration of work-teams into traditional office environment, in the hopes that this new work structure will help the organization improve areas of efficiency, production and effectiveness.   Furthermore, the author states that while this concept is growing in popularity, there is still not enough historical information gathered to establish a coherent set of rules, value or formulas which may wind up being a risk:

Teamwork can be exciting and can lead to some of the most rewarding experiences of an individual's working career. It can also be frustrating, difficult, and challenging, however. Any change to the way that a company operates internally can also be a potential risk to its reputation in the marketplace. Aligning your staff into a more team-focused environment may mean better collaboration and communication behind the scenes, but the shift in roles could also expose your employees to negative perception. Competitors' ears seem to perk up just enough to catch wind of organizational changes and opportunities to poke holes in a company's reputation. Most difficulties can actually be predicted and with the use of proper tools, can be tackled and overcome.

Palmiotto goes on to write that, both on the field and behind a desk, the creation and maintenance of successful teams comes down to effective management, strong leadership and clear communication.   The article concludes by covering three crucial topics, management, accountability, and communication, as well as their relevance to implanting a successful work team.

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