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Why Projects Succeed – Proactive Risk Management

Acting early is almost always a good idea. Getting an umbrella before it starts raining, for instance, is much better than waiting to be soaked and running through a deluge with nothing more than a newspaper above you. Much to that same end, proactive risk management is a stronger hand to play than reactive risk management. This post by Roger Kastner, the reason for, the execution, and the benefits of proactive risk management are discussed: Proactive Risk Management is a key process that leads to successful projects. Because all projects will be challenged at some point, Proactive Risk Management will enable the successful Project Manager to safeguard their bandwidth to deal with the big, unforeseen issues that knock the project sideways. Contingency is a major piece of Proactive Risk Management because it enables the successful Project Manager to minimize the impact when the project goes sideways and literally buys the project time to recover.What's interesting about the article is that Kastner seems to consider risk management and proactive risk management two separate things. Whereas risk management is simply the identification and mitigation of risk, proactive risk management is preparation for the “big one” that would, if not prepared for it, “knock the project sideways.”


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